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It was a Friday night of heavy downpour, traffic jams and congestion, not just on the roads but on the malls as well. Plus consider the fact that ‘rush-hour’ has been present round-the-clock here in the Metro – cliche it may sound ‘may forever sa Edsa’. ? You may want to include those inconsiderate people on the bridge/walkway between Telus and Ayala MRT station who tries to get ahead and doesn’t even care with the line of commuters who spent 5-15 mins of waiting. And hey! They don’t even budge when you try scold them. ???

Nonetheless, boyfie and I, are still on the go to satisfy are cravings. We usually have it on a Friday night and deemed it as our #cheatday.  But there are just some days where I cannot stop myself from eating here-and-there. ?We then opted to go to Don Henrico’s in Glorietta – our GO-TO pizza/calzone house, however, the rain hasn’t stopped yet and so we ended up with North Park Noodles ? located along Leviste Street corner Sedeno. The place was quite hard to find since it is situated on an alley wherein a handful of vehicles passes through.

North Park Noodles isn’t the fanciest of places but it offers a great selection of classic Chinese dishes and at present time is considered by most foodies as The King of Nanking Beef.

Here are some of the dishes we got.

Ultimate Noodle Soup would have to be a must-try for noodles lover. It is served on a large stone bowl that makes the meal hot a lot longer than the usual ones. As the name entails, you can find everything on it, breaded porkchops, mushrooms, Wanton and shrimp dumplings, beef, Bok Choy leaves and Hong Kong style noodles. A really flavorful noodle that is good for 2-3 pax.

Soy Sauce Chicken is one of the best sellers alongside Lechon Macau, both are served with rice and good for 1 pax only.

As for the drinks, Leo opted for their best-seller lemonade and mine was iced cold espresso (which made me fidgety and hyper all night). A complimentary tea would also be served.




The calm after a storm. ???

For the menu you could always check or ?

Til my next blog, loves, keep in mind to eat at your own risk. ???

with love,
 Alyjane ?

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