Vanilla Cafe – Baguio City | October 2016

How does one usually starts wandering a city? 
Would she dare  jump onto the 'usual'?
Or would she gone astray and be lost?
- A

It was not a secret that Baguio City is one of the major tourist spots in the Philippines. Long before the arrival of the present generation’s fondness of wandering around the mountains and beaches, Baguio has been always an A-lister. Hence, some of the tourists may consider the place as ‘usual’, ‘nothing new’, or ‘normal’. 

And since Baguio’s breeze brought up the coffee addict in me, we opt to wander and grab some caffeine. Initially we’re eyeing at ‘Cafe By The Ruins’ as I usually came across it on various reviews.

However, with Loraine’s help, we ended up with this beautiful, grandeur, fancy hotel-cafe: VANILLA CAFE. A three-level premise, composed of 2 floors which serves as a hotel, and another one for the cafe, and a mini apparel shop. And to my surprise, the hotel-cafe debut was just last September 6, 2016. 🙂  🙂 




  • HOTEL LOBBY (Reception Area)

 Can we just admire how elegant these chandeliers are. <3 

  • MENU

I was not able to grab a copy of their menu, but you could always check their website. 🙂
Here’s one from Zomato:

Here’s us, especially me, being giddy and hyped-up. 😀

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What it looks like during daytime. (ctto, photo not mine)



  • You can take a cab from Baguio City to Kamiseta Hotel for approx. 100php
  • If you plan to stay at the veranda make sure to bring a jacket or sweater as it tends to get too cold especially at night.
  • They do accept credit cards. 😉
  • You have to check their artsy comfort room. (more chandeliers 😛 )

Kindly let me know if this is helpful for you. Until my next blog. 🙂

with love,
 Alyjane ?

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